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Over the last few years, studies of educational systems and methods have proven that it progress in the direction of a more customised basis for education that seeks to make it more of an individual-oriented model able to enhance internalization of knowledge is required. Branches of the Arts such as music and painting have begun to adapt themselves to effectively implement these methods and modalities in their formal educationprocess. Whatever our age, all of us have different tastes, likes and aesthetic values and it is these differences that show themselves in how we all go through the process of learning. At the UtkuÜnal Music Workshop, any student that is unsure as to which instrument they would like to play, participates in a test-lesson that seeks to define not only the direction that they should take musically, but also to define the most effective style of training that fits that student; over time, this program evolves to ever fit the changing needs of the student and the goals set with them and their instructor.

Internationally: In partnership with the InternationalRoyal Academy of Music Diploma and Certificate program and the International London College of Music Diploma and Certificate program, we can offer our students the opportunity to be trained by ourselves and thus become accredited with these institutions as according to their syllabuses. We can also assist in preparing for the American-based BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, the MUSIC INSTITUTE and the JUILLIARD SCHOOL CONSERVATORY. Prep classes are also available for many music schools throughout Europe.

Domestically: We are able to provide support, guidance and training for entrance exams into State Conservatories, the Faculty of Fine Arts and High Schools as well as the Faculties of Education Department.


All of our instructors have been fully-trained in areas related to their areas of expertise and graduated either from Conservatories or obtained a Masters in the Musical field. Lesson duration is 50 minutes, once a week, or twice based on the expressed requirement of the student. The program is divided into three modules: a fall Period between September and January; a spring Period between February and June; and summer which covers June-thru-August. During the fall and spring periods, 16 classes are offered, whereas according to the student contingent, the summer period is composed of 8 – 12 classes.

At the end of the year all students are provided the opportunity to obtain stage-experience with professional musicians in order for them to share their work with all that they would care to share it with.