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Art incontrovertibly beautifies our view and perspective of the World around us and those within it. One seeks to look beyond the surface and into the murky depths of what we understand to be and how it comes to be so.

An art shows us a way and a means to express ourselves, how to communicate with others in much the way that learning a new language helps us to do that; it gives us a grammar, rules and other means by which to convey what we mean; this is identical in the artistic process.

The current educational syllabus has always placed music and the arts along with PE in a secondary position. What we see now is a change for the better, a more primary role in the formal education system recognised both by Government and Private Institutions; they begin to achieve their right as one among the pillars of education.

UtkuÜnal Music Workshop: As a graduate of the METU Mining Engineer programme and then having established his status as an honoured recipient of numerous certificates and other documents that expound talent including his Masters, thus UtkuÜnal was founded.

Ünal, having worked with so many of the most popular names in the industry; seeks to bring that experience and perspective, his own knowledge of classical-music theory and methodology into a single-medium that will meet the needs and expectations of all that wish to take-part in the process.

Based in one of KemerburgazGöktürk’s busiest areas on Istanbul Avenue, is our 140m2 workshop which contains a drum and piano room along with a room for performing any event with any kind of transportable instruments; including one within which percussion lessons may be conducted.

At UtkuÜnal’s Music Workshop there is one big difference – you can find the best of the best among music teachers. Their experience amongst their colleagues including their knowledge of the area makes them a supreme source and library of information. Whilst waiting, our students have a wonderful rest-area to read and work in while they prep themselves for lessons.